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The Love Guru is the Trusted Advisor to High-Powered Executives, Entrepreneurs and Celebrities on all Love Life and Relationship Matters.


Connecting You with Your Soulmate​

Spiritual Teacher, Intuitive Heart Healer, Psychic Medium, Relationship Expert, Marriage & Family Therapist

Hi! I'm Blaire and I'm known as The Love Guru. I work with high-powered executives, entrepreneurs, and celebrities who’ve experienced career success, but their love life's a mess.

If they're single and fed up, I teach them an easier, more natural, flowing way to attract love --- so they don't have to go out and look for it ever again. My method is called, “The Spiritual Way To Attract The One.”®

And if they're in a relationship, but unhappy and struggling, I help them uncover exactly what went wrong and how to fix it -- or to help them leave the relationship with grace and ease, so they never repeat the same issues again (with the same partner or someone new).

The secret weapon that brings my clients so much success is a unique healing modality, of which I am the creator and founder, called "Heart Healing." It's a form of emotional healing that opens and heals your heart and clears out anger, sadness, frustration, anxiety, loneliness and fear so you can attract the love, have the relationship, and the life you desire.

With this breakthrough approach, I can clear and heal anything and everything that is blocking you from attracting love and having a successful relationship.

I’ve been featured in over 100 media outlets worldwide: The New York Times, The Los Angeles Times, CNN, MSNBC, Glamour Magazine, Montel Show, The Guardian UK and much more.



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The book that will make you laugh, and teach you how to attract The One!

MEN:  Just because the title says "Husband" doesn't mean it's not for you (you can find your wife!).

In this book club, I'm going to go over spiritual principles that you - whether you are male or female - can use in your life to attract The One!

If you'd like to be notified when the book club is starting,send me an email and put in the subject: "DYKMH book club list"

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No need to rely on anyone or anything else to find you love,
when you have the power to do it yourself.

The Love Guru is an empowering alternative to traditional matchmakers in that she teaches you the tools and techniques on how to become magnetic to "The One." She makes dating and attracting "The One" easy, effortless, magical and fun! Also, since she's an Intuitive Heart Healer, she's able to open and heal your heart so you can attract the love, have the relationship, and the life you desire.
Clear and heal anxiety, anger, sadness, loneliness, frustration, resentment and fear that is blocking you. Release old thought patterns, sabotaging behaviors, past baggage and pain, karma, and childhood wounds that are preventing you from getting what you want.​



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Learn spiritual principles on how to partner with The Universe to easily attract "The One."


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Clear, heal and release anything and everything that's blocking you from attracting love.